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Samantha Travel  are delighted to be able to offer a truly unique holiday package. Spend a few days as the honoured guest in an indian village in Talamanca. This is simply a fantastic way to learn about the culture of the Bribri tribe. It is not a luxury holiday in any way, you will actually stay as a guest with an Indian family, but, for the adventurous traveller this is a must do.

We offer a choice of two vacations, but of course, if you want to vary your vacation in any way, just let us know and we can add on a day or two at the beach at either end. Prices are based on two people sharing, and departing from San Jose. transport from elsewhere can also be arranged. 
This is ecotourism at its purest; you will be helping to support indigenous famillies in a small but meaningful way, while not impacting on the local resourses in any way.

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History of the Indigenous People in Talamanca 
 Indigenous Indian Reserve Talamanca Costa Rica  The Bribri people have practised living in harmony with nature for thousands of years.
Some 5,000 Bribri people, living in the indigenous indian reserve in Talamanca, have preserved their ancient traditions and language relatively untouched by the changes in other areas of Costa Rica and the world in general.
 Bribri house Talamanca indigenous reserve
Kabecares Indian children in Talamanca The main activity is agriculture.There are over 100 crops (both cultivated, and naturally growing) that the Bribri use for food, medicines. and building materials.
As a result of this agricultural society, the community has developed an advanced bartering system, mainly practised by the women of the tribe.
 pig in Talamanca indigenous reserve
 Indigenous Bri bri horseman Talamanca The downside to this self sufficiency, is that it has added to the isolation of the tribes, with the result that modern healthcare and education systems available in the rest of Costa Rica, have largely passed by this tribal community.There are a number of smaller tribes within the Bribri population, including for example the Kekoldi, a community of around 200 people. The kekoldi have developed a unique farming tradition; they farm Iguanas! These are raised from eggs, before being released into the wild at around 5 years of age.  typical house you may see on the travel package
Bribri canoe, Talamanca Indigenous reserve

The Bribri and Kabecares have their own language. They have a rich culture that have molded over thousands of years and remained relatively untouched by western civilization.
We are working with a group of ten Bribri families who wish to welcome small groups of visitors, while also to conserving their customs and indigenous traditions,
Samantha Tours are the only company to be able to offer overnight stays in the reserve.

 Bribri boy Talamanca Indigenous reserve Costa Rica



Lodging is provided in their homes; this is a hand on experience in interacting within their lifestyles. There is an open hostel houses currently being constructed, which should be available in late 2008. This is being constructed using traditional materials and methods




All visitors will enjoy eating local dishes, which are of the three main types: The traditional Costa Rican, Afro Caribbean cuisine, and there indigenous typical and Natural ingredients dish, such as the cassava root (arrow root) and naturals beverages.


  • Boat Tour (Traditional canoes): Crossing Teliver River, visit the communities located close to Cohen River, Lari River, Telire River, Uren River or Yorkin River.
  • Visit the ``Usure House``: The Ceremonial sacred house, where the ``Okomo`` explain the creation and the existence from Bribri Philosophy.
  • Typical Dances
  • Visit the Cacao and organic Banana Plantation.
  • Visit the Forest: There you will see the different species of the trees and birds.
  • Horseback riding

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